NBSC stands for Narrow Bandwidth Television Simple Colour. It is a compatible colour extension the NBTVA (Narrow Bandwidth Television Association) monochrome Standard.

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Welcome to the NBSC Site, here you can find information about the NBSC (Narrow Bandwidth Television Simple Colour) format.

The NBSC format allows a full Colour signal to be encoded in the same bandwidth as a normal Black and White signal. In Narrow Bandwidth terms this is in a bandwidth of less than 16kHz, although even lower bandwidths are possible.


Also on this site you can find details of and download the NBSC Player software which will allow you to experiment with the colour standard.

Even if you are not particularly interested in the Compatible Colour aspects of the Playback and capture software you may still be interested in some other features. For example the ability of the playback software to simulate the effects of different shapes and sizes of aperture on (i.e. the shape and size of the whole in a Nipkow disc or the size of a spot on a CRT). See the Software Features Page for more information.

The NBSC software, as well as supporting the recording and playback of NBTVA standard supports a range of resolutions, Klaas Robers' CCNC colour and streaming of NBSC to/from the soundcard direct.


If you are interested in the hardware used to decode NBSC then please see the Televisor section. Where a working prototype NBSC / NBTVA televisor is described.