NBSC Software Downloads

On this page you can download software that will allow you to try out NBSC for yourself. Even if you're not interested in colour reproduction you may be interested in using the software for Black and White working or for experimenting with apertures.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/10

The packages below contains software for playing back and recording NBSC, NBTVA and other formats of Narrow Bandwidth television.

Click the link to begin download, save the msi package to your computer, when it has downloaded double-click the MSI package in Windows explorer to install the software.

Usually the most recent version is recommended. If you are installing a new version it is suggested that you remove the old version of the software using Add/Remove programs from the Control Panel before installing the new version to ensure that old files are removed correctly.

Newer versions need to the later Microsoft.Net Frameworks to run and may not run on older Operating Systems.

After downloading see the Software section for instructions on how to use the software.

v1.1.4.1, 24 Nov 2018

Download latestNBSCPlayerv1.4.1.msi

Now supports a direct mode to stream live data via a sound input/output

v1.1.3491.294, 23 July 2009


This version has experimental support for Tekade, Baird and CCNC colour playback and recording plus support for a new experiment low-bandwidth NBSC colour mode.

v1.1.3443.25630, 5 June 2009



The Java version of the playback software is presented for those who do not have access to a Windows Operating System. This version of the software only performs playback and has a reduced feature set. Installation instructions vary by operating system. You need to have a recent version of the Java runtime installed. After downloading in most operating systems double-clicking the jar file will run the software. The test cards below

No help is available for the Java version as yet.

v0.1, 5 June 2009


Media files

The files below can be downloaded to test out either the Java or Windows players. Once you have downloaded the files you should unzip the files into a directory on your hard disc before opening them with either the Windows or Java Player softwares.

Test Cards